1. Antimalarial drugs- a current situation
Nantana Sittichai

2. Antimicrobial utilization in nosocomial-infected
Sarinee Krittiyanunt and Wundee Khumyoung

3. Author index volume 28 caaj.28.3-4.04-editor

4. Effect of factors on cell culture used in potency
Supaporn Phumiamorn, Sakalin Trisiriwanich, Choompon Noktong,

5. How much do we pay for medicines
Puree Anantachoti, Chanpen Choompon, Boonsuchin Chatpitun,

6. Indole alkaloids from the fruits of alstonia scholaris
Sumphan Wongseripipatana, Lakhana Chaisri, Boonchoo Sritularak and

7. Pharmacist compensation survey in thailand
Surachat Ngorsuraches and Banjong Chaibu

8. Predictors of general knowledge and attitudes inthai diabetic patients
Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit, Sarinee Krittiyanunt, Thongkum

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