1. Molecular genetic -based approaches for traceability of meat and meat products
Pitchayanipa Komtong, Monchai Duangjinda

2. Comparison of gene expression in early male and female flower in jatropha curcas l. using cdna-aflp technique
Kesinee Kamput, Sompid Samipak

3. Genetic parameters for body weight and survival of black tiger shrimp (penaeus monodon)
Praew Thiengpimol, Skorn Koonawootrittriron, Somjai Wongtripop

4. Identifying a source of a bacterial blight resistance gene xa5 in rice variety ‘ir62266’ and development of a functional marker paxa5 , the easy agarose based detection
Siriporn Korinsak, Kanyanat Sirithunya, Theerayut Toojinda

5. Overexpression of osb2 gene in transgenic rice up-regulated expression of structural genes in anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway
Chotipa Sakulsingharoj, Poonsri Inta, Roypim Sukkasem, Saengtong Pongjaroenkit, Srimek Chowpongpang, Varaporn Sangtong

6. Population differentiation of thai fragrant rice variety revealed by ssr marker analysis
Preecha Prathepha, Kitti Srisa-ard

7. Development of the single nucleotide polymorphism markers for phytophthora capsici resistance in capsicum annuum with qtl analysis
Namfon Chomkaeo, Darush Struss, Chotipa Sakulsingharoj, Varaporn Sangtong, Saengtong Pongjareonkit