1. Yield and chemical compositions of leaf essential oil from 9 clones of eucalyptus planting in thailand
Suwimon Uthairatsamee

2. Community structure of soil arthropod community in doi suthep-pui national park, chiang mai province
Sireemart Jitpalo, Decha Wiwatwittaya, Weeyawat Jaitrong

3. Effect of ammonium nitrate and relative humidity on hyperhydricity in in vitro shoot cultures of eucalyptus interspecific hybrid (eucalyptus camaldulensis dehnh. x eucalyptus pellita f.muell.)
Rattapum Roumunyamanee, Sutee Duangjai, Somkid Siripatanadilok

4. Ethnobotany of mlabri tribe case study: wild yams at khun nam sanien-huay loo learning centre, muang district, nan province
Chirdsak Thapyai, Mana Jitrit, Thepnaronk Yasook

5. Phenology study of arum plant in greenhouse condition
Duangchai Sookchaloem, Oraphan Sungkajanttranon

6. Use value of mangrove forest and carbon stock in buffer zone of ranong biosphere reserve
Suwagee Rakjarern, Pasuta Sunthornhao, Wijarn Meepol, Watinee Suanpaka

7. Comparative ecological characteristics and return in smallholding rubber-based monoculture and agroforestry in nam noi sub-district, hat yai district, songkhla province
Preeyanan Muangsan, Monton Jamroenprucksa, Kongsak Meekaew, Rachanee Pothitan

8. Selection of appropriate trees for agroforestry system by applying analytical hierarchy process (ahp) technique
Surin Onprom, Kittipon Permpoon

9. Analysis of forestry journals in thailand, 1954-2013
Chuthamas Pattanawatcharakul, Chutima Sacchanand, Dusit Wechakit

10. Value of soil ecosystem services in the upstream regions impacted by landslide in maephoon sub-district, lablae district, uttaradit province
Alongkorn Wongmun, Kanchaya Maosew, Jaruntorn Boonyanuphap

11. People participation in solid waste management, pakchong municipality, nakhon ratchasima province
Nantaka Kanakapinda, Sittichai Tantanasarit, Somnimit Pukngam, Termsiri Ghongpoonphol

12. Risk encroachment area analysis in the right side of mae ngao national reserved forest, lampang province
Somnimirt Pukngam, Prasong Saguantam, Supaporn Phongsala

13. Study on fire-retardant of rubberwood preservation with boron compounds
Tipwimol Suwanno, Teera Veenin, Songklod Jarusombuti

14. Effect of quaternary ammonium compounds and zinc pyrithione on antimicrobial properties in packaging containers for orchid cut flowers
Bang-on Nokkrut, Sawitree Pisutpiched, Buapan Puangsin

15. Effects of land use disturbance levels on species composition of ants at phra nakhon park, bangkok
Jariya Yamjarus, Decha Wiwatwittaya, Santi Suksard