1. Teak log grading for teak plantation in lao pdr
Songklod Jarusombuti

2. Evaluating inter-row light intensity and root distribution of a hevea brasiliensis (kunth) m?ll. arg. plantation in chiang rai province for selective planting of inter-row trees
Maratreenung Seehakrai, Nisa Leksungnoen, Suwimon Uthairatsamee

3. Plant diversity and utilization on ethnobotany of local people at hmong doi pui village in doi suthep-pui national park, chiang mai province
Arerut Yarnvudhi, Sarawood Sungkaew, Sutheera Hermhuk, Pasuta Sunthornhao, Surin Onprom

4. Physical and mechanical properties of eucalyptus urophylla clone k58
Wiwat Hanvongjirawat

5. Effect of age factor on demand and preference for teak furniture by general consumers
Wataru Tanaka, Wilawan Wichiennopparat, Woraphum Himmapan, Suphakorn Klaewkla, Ticha Laohaboo, Iwao Noda

6. Indicator development for evaluating wildlife tourism management in thai national parks
Chaturathep Khowinthawong, Dachanee Emphandhu

7. Carbon and nutrient storage in plant biomass of natural forest nearby thung luang royal project development center, chiang mai province
Taparat Seeloy-ounkaew, Soontorn Khamyong

8. Some morphology of forest soils in two community forests, mae wang district, chiang mai province
Taparat Seeloy-ounkaew, Soontorn Khamyong, Niwat Anongrak, Plian Maneeya

9. Dry dipterocarp forest on sandstone of the huai hong khrai royal development study center, chiang mai province ii. monitoring plant diversity and carbon storage
Phachtheerat Sutthawan, Soontorn Khamyong, Suparb Paramee, Niwat Anongrak

10. Dry dipterocarp forest on sandstone of the huai hong khrai royal development study center, chiang mai province i. assessment of plant species diversity and carbon storage
Soontorn Khamyong, Phachtheerat Sutthawan, Suparb Paramee

11. Carbon sequestration estimation of urban trees in parks and streets of bangkok metropolitan, thailand
Masahiko Fujimoto, Ladawan Puangchit, Fumio Sugawara, Damrong Sripraram, Warittha Jiamjeerakul, Hisaaki Kato

12. A survey of riparian species in the bodhivijjalaya college’s forest, srinakharinwirot university, sa kaeo
Boontida Moungsrimuangdee, Thonyaporn Nawajongpan

13. Germination test on native salt tolerant seeds (buchanania siamensis miq.) collected from natural saline and non-saline soil
Nisa Leksungnoen, Suwimon Uthairatsamee, Chakrit Na Takuathung