1. Notes on dendrobium elliotianum o’byrne (orchidaceae), a poorly know orchid from thailand
Krisda Buanaka, Niran Juntawong, Yingyong Paisuksantivattana, Weerachai Nanakorn

2. Population density and morphometry analysis for sex determination in varanus salvator from bangkachao, samutprakran province
Rujira Mahaprom, Prateep Duengkae, Yodchaiy Chaynkern

3. Tree distribution across the forest ecotone of lower montane forest at doi sutep-pui national park, chiang mai province
Dokrak Marod, Sutheera Hermhuk, Sathid Thinkamphaeng, Aumporn Panmongkol

4. Variations in plant diversity and carbon storage among subtype communities in a dry dipterocarp community forest of mae tha sub-district, mae on district, chiang mai province
Carbon Teuanchay Phongkhamphanh, Soontorn Khamyong, Thaworn Onpraphai

5. Spatial biomass variation, biomass dynamics and species diversity in relation to topographic factors of lower tropical montane forest
Witchaphart Sungpalee, Akira Itoh, Kriangsak Sri-ngernyuang, Satoshi Nanami, Mamoru Kanzaki

6. Analysis of phylogenetic relationship between sacred lotus and woody plants using nucleotide sequences of rbcl and its adjacent genes
Akhom Khatfan, Nopadol Riablershirun, Vithaya Sathornviriyapong, Niran Juntawong

7. Soil characteristics and carbon storage in forest soil of mae ya noi community forest, chom thong district, chiang mai province
Taparat Seeloy-ounkaew, Soontorn Khamyong

8. Effect of land use on water quality- a case study in trang watershed
Treeranut Srisunont, Sittichai Tantanasarit, Wanchai Arunpraparut

9. Variations in volatile oil quantity and chemical composition of litsea cubeba (lour.) pers. from northern thailand
Panida Roongrattanakul, Ladawan Puangchit, Sapit Diloksumpun, Suchitra Changtragoon

10. Diversity and foraging behavior of dipteran pollinators of physic nut (jatropha curcas l.) in thailand
Pananya Pobsuk, Chama Phankaew, Savitree Malaipan