1. An application of used plastic bottle for rainfall measurement
Vanchai Viranant

2. Biodiversity dynamics of ectomy corrhizai and wood-rotting fungi in forested watershed areas of western thailand
Aniwat Chalermpongse

3. Biological control of stain fungus in rubberwood (hevea brssiliensis muell. arg.) by trichoderma sp.
Teera Veein, Arunee Veein and Pannee Denrungruang

4. Insect pest inventory and monitoring of exotic plants at doi angkhang, chiang mai province
Decha Wiwatwitaya

5. Milk package (u.h.t.) relycle for composite board
Songklod Jarusombuti and Woratham Oonjittichai

6. Observed and hypothetical effect over time of the terraced forest plantation on soil and water losses at doi angkhang highland project, chiang mai
Nipon Tangtham

7. Production and marketing of plywood in thailand
Santi Suksard, Wuthipol Hoamuangkaew, Apichart Pattaratuma and Patsi Prasomsin

8. Species diversity of trees in dry dipterocarp forest at sakaerat nakornratchasima province
Pongsak Sahunalu