1. Degradation of termiticides treated wood organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid group i method
Yupaporn Sornnuwat

2. Discriminant analysis of soil and plant relationships in dry dipterocarp forest
Pongsak Sahunalu, Pricha Dhanmanonda and Choob Khemnark

3. Ecological characteristics of homegarden agroforestry system in amphoe muang, changwat nonthaburi
Prapan Sampanpanish and Monton Jamroenprucksa

4. Effects of fertilizer application and spacings on growth performances of some acacias
Pisal Wasuwanich

5. Leaf structure and gas exchange characteristics of pterocarpus indicus planted in the city
Ladawan Puangchit and Sapit Royampaeng

6. On the physical properties and anatomical features of daemonorops angustifolia and calamus ornatus
Roszaini Kadir and Mohd. Zin Jusuh

7. Production and nutrient circulation of dry dipterocarp forests in thailand ii. paimary productivity and community respiration
Pongsak Sahunalu