1. Acidification of forest soil for dipterocapr planting stock production
Sunanta Kajornsrichon and Somyos Kijkar

2. Charcoal briquette from river red gum
Preecha Kiatgrajai, Bhisist Laohathai and Suntud Sangkul

3. Ecological studies of leguminous tree species in dry dipterocarp forest i. species composition, occurrence and abundance
Pongsak Sahunalu

4. Effect of container types and potting media on the initial growth of pterocarpus macrocapus seedings
Sunanta Kajornsrichon

5. Growth of dipterocarpus alatus roxb. seedlings inoculated with ectomycorrhizal fungi
Tanuwong Sangthian and Uthaiwan Sangwanit

6. Optimum rotation for eucalyptus camaldulensis dehnh. in northeast thailand
V. Pohjone and T. Pukkala

7. Preliminary revision of swietenioideae (meliaceae) in thailand
Chen Ximu and Somneuk Pongumphai

8. Preliminary study on 4-year old hopea odorata vegetative propagation
Sunanta Kajornsrichon

9. The forest growth cycle in various forest types
Pricha Dhanmanonda