1. Agrofestry in celebration of the sixtieth birthelay anniversary of her majesty the queen
Prawit Tabtimon

2. Agroforestry in thailand perspecitive of forest industry organization (fio)
Montee Phothitai

3. Dendrocalamus asper backer. and bambus nana roxb. planted in agroforestry system
Thiti Visaratana, Somboon Boonyuan, Pitaya Petmark and Boonchoob Boontawee

4. Effects of tree leaf litter on soil solution phosphorus, nutrient uptake and yield of rice on roi-et soil
Sawaeng Ruaysoongnern, Puntipa Vichiensanth and Tipsuda Chooprasert

5. Factors influencing number of trees on farms and farmer's criteria for tree integration into farming system a case study of district of kranuan, khon kaen
Patma Vityakon, Anan Polthanee, Wilaiwatt Grisanaputi and Nitaya Kantisophon

6. Growth and yield for various uses of eucalyptus camadulensis dehnh. planted in an agroforestry system on the degraded land
Pongsak Sahunalu, Pricha Dhanmanonda, Buared Prachaiyo and Kanit Muangnil

7. Indigenous ecological knowledge about the sustainability of tea garden in the hill evergreen forest of northern thailand
Pornchai Preecahpanya

8. Plan for agroforestry and farming system of thai forestry sector master plan project
Choob Khemnark and Monton Jamreonpruksa

9. Primitive villager's management methods on the standing trees remaining in the paddy fields, phuwiang, khon kaen
Buared Prachaiyo

10. Problem and prospects of using agroforestry systems for rehabilitation of watershed in the north a case study of mae lor watershed, chiang mai province
Phrek Gypmantasiri and Suporn Amaruekachoke

11. Productivity of plants and soil changes in agroforestry system a case stydy on land after tin mining
Pricha Dhanmanonda and Pongsak Sahunalu

12. Small farmers and agroforestry system model case studies
Pagarat Rathakette

13. Soil and water losses on plots with different land use in the phu wiang watershed
Mongkon Vannaprasert and Udtai Thongmee

14. Yield of cassava and peanut in some agroforestry systems
Sunya Sorralum and Udthai Thongmee

15. แนวความคิดของการใช้วนเกษตรสในสวนยางพารา ที่ระยอง
Pongsak Witthawatchutikul