1. Alkaline pulping of eucalyptus camaldulensis with sodium dithionite as additive
Niyom Petehpud

2. Effect of media on seed germination of dalbergia cochinchinensis
Suphachai Benchadamrongkij and Praphandha Pukitayakamee

3. Environmental impacts of natural forest management in thailand
Nipon Tangtham

4. Impacts of doi tung highland development project on water quantity, quality and flow regime
Samakkee Boonyawat, Sittichai Tantanasarit and Sumrid Yincharoen

5. Manatemt of teak forests in thailand
Sompeteh Mungkorndin

6. Organophosphate insecticides to prevent subterranean termite 1. wood treatment
Yupaporn Sornnuwat

7. Organophosphate insecticides to prevent subterranean termite ii. soil treatment
Buared Prachaiyo and Toshio Tsutsumi

8. Revegetion in gaps in hill evergreen forest at huay nam dung watershed station, changwat chiangmai
Pricha Dhanmanonda, Pongsak Sahunalu and Ladawan Paungchit

9. Shoot damagesin dendrocalamus strictus nees and gigantochloa hasskarliana back. ex. k. heyne caused by cyrtotrachelus sp. and dried out disease
Amnuayporn Choldumrongkul