1. Applications of gis to identify suitable site for tree planting for watershed protection. doi tung development project, chiangrat province
Chanchai Yarwudhi, Wanchai Arunpraparat and Sakol Stiwityanan

2. Diseases survey of exotic tree seedlings at angkhang, chaingmai province
Sontaya Kiartagarn

3. Energy value of elephant labour
Jiragorn Gajasemi

4. Flowering and flower morphology of plants in the dry-evergreen forest at sakaerat environmental research station, thailand
Somkid Siriporanandilok and Pransuk Likitrananmanit

5. Impact of changes in biophysical factors on streamflow and supended sediment in the chi river basin
Nipon Tangtham and Supat Pakcachan

6. Photosynthesis and respiration of acacia mangium willd. 2. provenance variations
Ladawan Puangchit

7. Socioeconomic impacts of doi tung development project
Narong Srisawas, Prakong Intrashandra and Apichact Pattaratama

8. Torrefication of diplerocarp wood by brick beehive kiln
Preecha Kiatgrajai, Pratnang Puthson and Celso B. Lantican

9. Tourism and recreation development plan of doi tung development project, chiangrai province
Surachet Chettamas and Chiraphan Kuladilok