1. Common forest tree diseases in thailand
Aniwat Chalermpongse

2. Determination of direct runoff from rainstorm on natural hill-evergreen forest in northern thailand
Wicha Niyom

3. Development of pollen and ovule in pterocarpus macrocarpus kurz.,
Sudarat Ngamkhajornwiwat and Suwun Tangmitcharoen

4. Effect of thinxing on growth of different ages of eucalyptus camaldulensis dehnh. plantaton
Monton Jamroenprucksa

5. On the nutrient content of trees of dry evergreen forest in northeastern thailand
Buared Prachaiyo and Tsutsumi

6. Peple public participation forests and training
Daniel H. Henning

7. Production and utilization of rubber wood in thailand ii. wood utilization and economic aspects
Chavalit Urapeepatanapong