1. Evaluation of artificial neural networks structures for fall detection using wearable sensors
Uttapon Khawnuan, Somkiat Jongprasithporn, Nantakrit Yodpijit, Manutchanok Jongprasithporn

2. Evaluation and analysis of factors affecting the development of logistics system during covid-19 situation in thailand with regard to the concept of industry 4.0
Yotsuda Buranasing, Somkiat Jongprasithporn, Nantakrit Yodpijit, Manutchanok Jongprasithporn

3. Assessment of water balance of pasak river basin using swat and mike-hydro basin models
Praewwadee Hongsawong, Ketvara Sittichok, Amontape Jaroensook, Jutithep Vongphet

4. Cell arrangement of lithium-ion battery pack for improvement in cooling performance of air-cooled battery thermal management system
Isares Dhuchakallaya, Patcharin Saechan

5. Operating patterns selection of dual combine cycle co-generation power plant to achieve the lowest cost using a non-linear programming model
Soraya Mongpram, Pat Pattanarangsun

6. A study of compressive strength and weight loss of mortars coating with geopolymer paste with field para rubber latex in sulfuric acid and seawater
Abideng Hawa, Preecha Saleamea, Woraphot Prachasaree

7. Design and development for automated internal threads inspection machine
Thanut Vibutr, Thanasan Intarakumthornchai, Yingyot Alie-u-lan

8. Design and development of reverse vending machines using quality functional deployment technique and patent searching technique
Prin Boonkanit

9. Digital weighing scale with fruit and vegetable identification using deep learning technique
Pisit Wisutmetheekorn, Noppawut Sudsawat, Nakarin Ruksawong

10. Factors influencing modal shift to the commuter rail system a case study of salaya, thailand
Atul Subedi, Siradol Siridhara

11. Monitoring and analysis system of sugarcane growth using observation drone
Arissara Kasemjit, Varunya Attasena, Pichet Suebsaiprom, Thitipong Satiramatekul

12. A genetic algorithm approach for production capacity planning depends on workers’ expertise with consideration of learning and forgetting
Chayathach Phuaksaman, Phattarasaya Tantiwattanakul

13. Optimization for growth inhibition of microbial in vannamei white shrimp by plasma activated water
Pornkaran Phan-umong, Komgrit Leksakul, Saisamon Lumyong, Jaturong Kumla, Nakarin Suwannarach

14. Polygonal cell-based smoothed finite element using quadrilateral smoothing domains for 2d plane stress problem
Nuttaya Siengsai, Kamtornkiat Musiket, Boonchai Puangpaingam, Suthee Piyapiphat, Supasit Pongsivasathit, Pongpitch Tuanpusa

15. The production of bacterial cellulose from sweet fermented broken black glutinous rice
Jatupat Samappito, Piyawan Boonchalad, Orawan Tabthaisong

16. Combining key-target resizing and lstm language model to reduce typos in thai soft keyboard
Vachara Suwansophon, Thitirat Siriborvornratanakul

17. Relationship of fire hotspot, pm2.5 concentrations, and surrounding areas in upper northern thailand a case s
Kevalin Inlaung, Chakrit Chotamonsak, Vanisa Surapipith, Ronald Macatangay

18. Reducing unplanned downtime losses in the shaft assembly process with overall effectiveness measurement
Jaturong Sanpee and Panutporn Ruangchoengchum

19. Explicit formulas of average run length for mixed moving average – exponentially weighted moving average control chart
Sunisa Wiwek, Saowanit Sukparungsee, Suganya Phantu

20. Problem analysis of hsts malfunction and ssl stripping attack
Paradet Khachenrum, Darunee Puangpronpitag, Somnuk Puangpronpitag, Egachai Puangpronpitag

21. Key success factors affecting technology transfer success for rubber plantation farmers in thailand
Patompong Chabplan, Nalinpat Bhumpenpein, Chonnikarn Rodmorn

22. Adaption strategy for automotive part manufacturing industry to support thailand 4.0
Duangdej Yuaikwarmdee, Sunee Wantanakomol, Thanin Silpcharu

23. Potential model development for executive of automation industry
Panyaphol Supannavong, Sakarin Yuphong, Pairote Stirayakorn

24. The work motivation factors affecting employee engagement at betagro co, ltd., (pcl) lop buri province
Chedthida Kusalasaiyanon, Acharee Pattanaworapong