1. Risk assessing of selecting special tools for automotive overhaul
Pimdow Rattanapracha, Oran Kittithreerapronchai

2. Application of analytical hierarchy process (ahp) and fuzzy multi-attribute decision-making approach (fmadm) in the site selection of container yard terminal
Pongrid Klungboonkrong, Wuttikrai Chaipanha

3. Development of a decision-support system for finished products demand planning by using principle of abc and fms analysis a case study of pharmaceutical and distributor company
Kanjanaporn Pirunkran, Detcharat Sumrit

4. Setup time reduction of four corner folding paperboard box process by quick changeover technique
Pitchaya Boonma, Supawadee Theerathammakorn, Srisit Chianrabutra

5. Analysis of train-bridge dynamic interaction by using finite element method and multibody co-simulation model case study of thailand airport rail link project
Thanasak Srisawat, Rattapoohm Parichatprecha, Songsak Suthasupradit

6. A study of steam consumption efficiency of thai traditional sugar factory using thermodynamic simulation method a case study of rermudom sugar factory
Praphon Chooprasert , Kriengkrai Rayanasuk , Keerati Suluksna, Preecha Tummu

7. Optimization of resistance projection welding process parameters for m12 t-shape weld nut and sghc hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet
Teerawut Khuenkaew, Thiti Mhoraksa

8. Comparison of process and project duration assessment approaches for an industrial water-system installation pro
Jirawat Damrianant

9. Influence of heat on physical property of geopolymer concrete containing recycled aggregates
Tawatchai Tho-In, Suban Phonkasi, Thoetkiat Wichaiyo, Saengsuree Pangdang, Preenithi Akson

10. Developed one-parameter lindley distribution using the log-expo transformation
Kanittha Yimnak, Kannika Yimnak

11. Remediation of sand washing water contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbon by persulfate and sono-persulfate oxidation process
Kanokwan Kongsom, Chompoonut Chaiyaraksa

12. Precipitation bias correction of wrf-cfsr model by eof method over upper northern thailand
Chanaporn Muang-une, Chakrit Chotamonsak, Ronald Macatangay, Vanisa Surapipith

13. Modified firefly algorithm for solving non-linear optimization problems application on microsoft excel
Pradthana Minsan

14. Comparison of forecasting techniques between holt-winters method with different initial values and bagging holt-winters method, case study total airport passengers of phuket int
Rangsima Onlamul, Somsri Banditvilai

15. Development of biomass briquettes from mixed pineapple peel and corn cob.
Kanokpong Srithiang

16. Optimization of resistance projection welding process parameters for m12 t-shape weld nut and sghc hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet
Paidaeng Khwanchai, Suwalee Fong-In

17. Effect of bagasse quantity on quality of thermoplastic starch from compression molding process for woven product
Sopida Wisansakkul, Orawan Oupathumpanont

18. Relationship assessment between space usage transformation of lanna local dwelling house extension through justified graph
Kriangkai Somyot, Tanut Waroonkun

19. Application of geographic information system for analyses the road accident susceptibility a case study the kathu district phuket province
Pichayes Sapprasert , Wilaipan Khongsawat, Thongchai Suteerasak

20. Expert system for selecting physical fitness enhancing methods for elderly thai citizens based on ontology
Arnon Jankasem, Surasuk Mungsing, Thepparit Banditwattanawong

21. The development of potential model of middle management in production unit for petrochemical industry in digital economy
Pichet Tangpanyarat, Chuleewan Chotiwong, Preeda Attawinijtrakarn

22. Competency development for personnel responsible for energy management in textile industry under the ministry of energy
Kunlasap Thongprasit, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Somnoek Wisuttipaet, Suchart Siengchin

23. Competency development of international airport management personnel for aviation industry competition in the digital era
Suchadee Tumrongsuk, Somnoek Wisuttipat, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Manas Choopakar

24. Decision support system for inventory management a case study of plastic equipment manufacturing factory
Damrong Thavorn

25. A study the ratio of concrete volume per reinforcement quantity in earthquake resistant – an obec 4 – story reinforced concrete school building
Sunun Monkaew, Chookiat Choosakul

26. Direct shear behaviour of sand–tyre crumb mixtures
Pulpong Pongvithayapanu

27. Inventory replenishment policy for corrective maintenance spare part inventory of multiple machines with different failure rates
Wisut Supithak, Montree Chatjindakul

28. Reducing defects and increasing efficiency of the encapsulation production process in the industrial paint of a factory in prachin buri province
Amphorn Jeamsanga, Phairhoote Phiphopaekasit, Suang-i Anunthawichak, Anan Thamchalai