1. Utilization of recycled materials for sustainable road construction in thailand
Suksun Horpibulsuk, Apichat Suddeepong

2. Laboratory simulation of sandstones weathering under cyclic heating and cooling with dry, wet and acidic conditions
Pratabjai Prasujan, Thanittha Thongprapha, Kittitep Fuenkajorn

3. Comparison of statistical downscaling approaches for reference crop evapotranspiration under impact of climate change in the song phi nong operation and maintenance project
Phunlop Suwanmalai, Jutithep Vongphet, Ketvara Sittichok

4. Stress analysis in concrete-filled steel circular pipe column by finite element program
Komkorn Chaidachatorn, Weeraphan Jiammeepreecha, Sittisak Jamnam

5. Study of optimal number and location of intermodal railway yards a case study of sugar transportation in northeastern region of thailand
Sukrit Krainara, Ackchai Sirikijpanichkul

6. Study of a battery-super capacitor hybrid energy storage system using energy management technique at dc-bus network
Peerapon Chanhom, Siriroj Sirisukprasert, Prakob Komeswarakul, Natchpong Hatti

7. Discharge coefficient of irrigation structure in regulators of left lateral canal of pranburi operation and maintenance branch 4, kui buri district, prachuap khiri khan province
Phattrasuda Phosri, Anek Neramitkornburee, Chokchai Kongkraw

8. Optimum design of reinforced concrete structures by firefly algorithm
Assanai Tapao และ Raungrut Cheerarot

9. Design and implementation of an automated people mover control system prototype
Banri Khemkladmuk, Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong, Surachai Wingfookeat

10. Bond strength of deformed steel bar in concrete using fly ash geopolymer mortar containing fgd-gypsum as bonding agent
Satakhun Detphan, Sermsak Sookasem, Chudapak Detphan, Khattiya Chompoovong, Somjai Yubonchit, Tanakorn Phoo-ngernkham, Sakonwan Hanjitsuwan

11. Cucuo doped tio2 photoanode for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Natthapan Sanannam, Akarawin Pimarnthisakorn, Anothai Sukvalakunchai, Pailin Ngaotrakanwiwat

12. Musculoskeletal disorders in workers of the silk weaving preparation process a study case of surin province, thailand
Manote Rithinyo, Poranee Loatong, Sombut Noyming

13. Optimum factors between carburizing temperature and time in hardening big knife by pack carburizing process using periwinkle shells as an energizer
Sombut Noyming, Wanna Homjabok, Narongsak Thammachot, Amornsak Mayai

14. Impacts of experimental express operation on level of service improvement a case study of mrt blue line between hualamphong and bang sue junctions
Chanisara Sripasong, Ackchai Sirikijpanichkul

15. Evaluation of carbonation resistance of paint coated concrete in real environment of nakhon pathom province
Banyut Warinlai, Pitisan Krammart

16. The property of sandwich-structure rubberwood-plastic composites with different plastic core layer
Jantarotai Promjan, Thanate Ratanawilai, Chatree Homkhiew

17. Mechanical properties of high-calcium fly ash geopolymer and normal concretes using recycled concrete aggregate replaced crushed limestone
Kompee Jitchaiyapoom, Satakhun Detphan, Chudapak Detphan, Tanakorn Phoo-ngernkham, Nattapong Damrongwiriyanupap, Sakonwan Hanjitsuwan

18. Engineering properties of asphalt concrete mixed with polyethylene plastic waste
Prasopchok Chuensiri, Nirachorn Nokkaew

19. Performance of lightweight aggregate mortar containing pumice blended with palm oil fuel ash clinker and metakaolin for elevated temperatures and chloride permeability resistanc
Benjawan Prajaklertwittaya, Danupon Tonnayopas

20. The influence of lime mud waste from the pulp and paper industry as a replacement of portland cement concrete on properties of concrete masonry units
Ditsakul Uengtrakool

21. A comparison of missing value estimation methods for response surface design
Natchaya Ratasukharom, Boonorm Chomtee, Chantha Wongoutong, Sudarat Nidsunkid

22. Improvement of efficiency of calcium oxide as a heterogeneous catalyst derived from material waste for biodiesel production
Jutaporn Chanathaworn

23. Over packing weight reduction of frozen imitation crab stick case study of lucky union foods company limited
Sunee Eadmusik, Thanthida Onwimon, Teerapong Khiawlek, Wongsak Rodsakan, Thaweerat Saetan

24. Effect of areca husk fiber to crumb rubber ratio on mechanical properties and thermal stability of natural rubber latex foam
Suwat Rattanapan, Jutatip Artchomphoo, Diew Saijun, Pasuta Sungsee

25. Cooling storage system in lightweight concrete building with phase change material
Sirirat Sula, Somchai Maneewan, Chantana Punlek, Yothin Ungkoon