1. A publication in journal of king mongkut’s university of technology north bangkok basic information and consideration
Montree Siripruchyanun

2. Modeling of the impact of the rock fill weir on river morphology of lam pha chi river
Rakbordin Yeelansuwan, Wisuwat Taesombat, Supapap Patsinghasanee

3. Application of curl of the counter tangential vector field for edge detection of color images
Samruan Wiangsamut, Nawapak Eua-Anant, Wutthichai Phornphatcharaphong

4. Applying robotic process automation in the calculation process of premium remittance for deposit protection agency and financial institution development fund
Preawwinit Kantawin, Wipawee Tharmmaphornphilas

5. The comparison of welding polarities on microstructures and wear behaviour of hardfacing metal using submerged arc welding with added metal powder
Buntoeng Srikarun, Prapas Muangjunburee

6. Development of primary packaging prototype for control anthracnose disease of ‘nam dok mai’ mango fruits during transportation
Puwanart Fuggate

7. Development of steel fiber reinforced concrete panels to resist impact from 7.62 x 51 mm caliber size bullets
Apisit Techaphatthanakon, Buchit Maho, Sittisak Jamnam, Piti Sukontasukkul

8. Optimal position and capacity of wayside energy storage system for mass rapid transit
Natchaphon Sutphrom, Tosaphol Ratniyomchai

9. A device for measuring apple sweetness using near infrared spectroscopy
Supachai Kulmutiwat และ Anupun Terdwongworakul

10. Current practice and problem of geotechnical site investigation in thailand
Pawaris Ruennusarn, Siranya Thongchart

11. Internal logistics simulation based on agv system in assembly section of an automotive manufacturer
Busaba Phruksaphanrat , Inticha Wipusaree, Panitporn Benjaphongwattana

12. Threshold total chloride content, depassivation time of reinforcing steel, and compressive strength of concrete with fly ash and partial replacement of fine aggregate by bottom
Sira Arttamart, Taweechai Sumranwanich

13. Influence of injection timing on performance, combustion and emission characteristics from diesel engine fueled with diesel-plastic pyrolysis oil blends
Anucha Krutthaphan, Wantana Chaowasin, Kampanart Theinnoi, Chonlakarn Wongkhorsub

14. Risk assessment of thermal decomposition of calcium hypochlorite by differential scanning calorimetry
Suranee Anothairungrat, Kowit Piyamongkala

15. Assessment of water quality in khlong yai river in rayong province by chemical index (ci)
Sunisa Ungwiwatkul, Susira Bootdee

16. A comparison of missing value estimations in randomized complete block design
Chayada Kaewchaicharoenkit, Boonorm Chomtee, Wandee Wanishsakpong

17. The comparison of growth ability sweet waxy corn with drip irrigation method by using elevated tank
Thitinun Pongnam, Banlu Phiachin, Banjob ChamChong, Parinya Thaweephun

18. Efficiency comparison of missing value estimation methods of response variable for three factor factorial experiment in randomized complete block design
Thanrada Chaikajonwat, Juthaphorn Sinsomboonthong, Thidaporn Supapakorn

19. The quality changes of soil - coating salted eggs substituting sodium chloride with potassium chloride during storage
Natcha Laokuldilok, Nanthina Damrongwattanagool, Mayuree Chompoo, Kanjana Ruttanateerawichien, Napapan Chokumnoyporn

20. Confidence intervals for a ratio of two population medians by price and bonett bootstrap-t method
Anurak Tongkaw

21. The monthly mathematical model for financial planning
Naratip Issaranusorn

22. Properties of pectin from watermelon rind extracted by conventional and microwave heating methods
Sirima Chinnasarn, Kusuma Mongsa

23. The development of complete service construction business management model to enhance competitiveness capability
Sasihong Kasamjaru, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Manus Chuphaka, Sunchai Inthapichai

24. The potential development model of contact center management in the digital age
Pattira Muksombat, Chuleewan Chotiwong, Preeda Attawinijtrakarn

25. Extreme value analysis non–stationary process
Pannarat Guayjarernpanishk, Tossapol Phoophifa, Piyapatr Busababodhin