1. Trends in analog circuit design present and future
Montree Siripruchyanun

2. An efficiency improvement of the rotor assembly line a case study abc automotive parts factory
Autthapol Sapew, Panitarn Peerapattana

3. Analyzing cash flow management of contracting firms on payment conditions in public construction projects
Wisitsak Tabyang, Cherdsak Suksiripattanapong, Sarun Kritson

4. The studies of carbonization temperature and amount of phosphoric acid on phenol adsorption on activated carbon prepared from apricot stones
Nattapon Jansri, Malee Santikunaporn

5. The pi controller design based on stored energy in capacitor using discrete time method for the unified power quality conditioner
Nippit Kimkaew, Phonsit Santiprapan

6. A short-term stock price cycle visualization tool using a weighted graph
Somkiat Chormuan, Chantana Chantrapornchai

7. Factors affecting wrist torque exertion capability on door knob of elderly
Worakan Tuengta, Pornsiri Jongkol

8. Effect of gas nitrocarburizing process on hardening of high speed tool steel grade skh51
Wanna Homjabok, Sirawich Keawdonree, Surasak Duadsanthia, Narongsak Thammachot, Tanabodee Praditja, Nipon Taweejun

9. Effect of recycled concrete aggregates from ready-mixed concrete plant on chloride penetration resistance and compressive strength of concrete
Aunchana Kijjanon, Taweechai Sumranwanich

10. Properties of mortar incorporating fiber cement roof tile waste fine aggregate
Anousit Vilaivong, Sakchai Naenudon, Ampol Wongsa, Vanchai Sata, Prinya Chindaprasirt

11. The heat transfer performance of a close loop thermosyphon boiler
Chaiyun Jaiboonma, Thanaphol Sukchana

12. Acetic acid as a carbon source from fermentation of biogas excess sludge for the removal of nutrients in enhanced biological phosphorus removal processes
Chatlada Piasai, Nittaya Boontian, Thunchanok Phorndon, Mohamad Padri

13. The eeg brain signals related to humans lie activity by lightweight device
Wachira Lawpradit, Surapong Petharn, Weerasak Fongngen

14. Shape stability enhancement of palm fiber hydrogels with natural rubber
Nuttida Srirachya

15. Hand gesture recognition for real-time liveness detection in mobile phone applications using deep learning
Woramet Lertsiwanont, Thitirat Siriborvornratanakul

16. The relationship between urban geometry patterns, air flow and thermal comfort a case study of chiang mai municipality
Suchit Chungcharoen, Wanpen Charoentrakulpeeti

17. Smartphone application with an ultrasonic sensor for measuring and recording distance in crime scene investigation
Thosaporn Sungkangwan, Pairoa Praihirunkit

18. Guidelines for business development toward thailand 4.0 of smes
Buppha Piphop, Chedthida Kusalasaiyanon

19. Work management and accountability factors affecting hiring outsourcing service for machinery maintenance in digital age
Supatta Pinthapataya, Teerawat Boonyasopon, Jutharat Pinthapataya

20. Factors influencing the successful smes marketing management in industrial sector of thailand
Papawin Thakonnawamongkol, Punsavadee Pongsiri, Thanin Silpjaru

21. The biomass power plant management model in thailand
Sompan Lakonpon, Suwattana Thepchit, Preda Attavinijtrakarn, Somchay Chokmavirote

22. Sinkhole monitoring technology
Siwarote Siriluck