1. Potential use of calcium carbonate deposits from bacteria in cement materials
Piti Sukontasukkul, Satharat Pianfuengfoo, Sumonthip Kongtunjunphuk

2. The selection of steel product suppliers using analytic hierarchy process a case study of steel company
Peerapop Jomtong, Noppakun Sangkhiew, Hatsakorn Rodsrisamut, Choosak Pornsing

3. Use of figure of merit as a quick method for finding performance of heat pump with zeotropic mixtures
Parith Pongsaranunthakul, Attakorn Asanakham, Thoranis Deethayat

4. Thermal evaluation of power transformers based on infrared thermograms and image segmentation using fuzzy c-means a case study of bangyoh substation, champasak province, laos pd
Phoutsavanh Chandavong, Komson Daroj, Danu Wiroteurairuang

5. A study of increasing efficiency of energy utilization by using supercapacitor with a single-train simulation
Warayut Kampeerawat, Chaiyut Sumpavakup

6. Class 3a bullet resistance of multilayer bulletproof panels made of fibre reinforced concrete and rubber sheet
Buchit Maho, Apisit Techaphatthanakon, Sittisak Jamnam, Piti Sukontasukkul

7. Slump, compressive strength, chloride penetration resistance and carbonation of concrete with partial replacement of cement by fly ash, ground bottom ash, limestone powder
Banyut Warinlai, Pitisan Krammart

8. Choice model for long distance travels by train and application to logit model for lower-northeastern line
Napatsorn Koatbua, Kanisa Rungjang

9. Improvement of optimal reservoir operation rule curve by tabu search a case study of huai luang
Improvement of Optimal Reservoir Operation Rule Curve by Tabu Search: A Case Study of Huai Luang

10. Blasting behavior of pipe bomb and a risk evaluation approach
Amornthep Somraj

11. Experimental study of low strength concrete columns strengthened with high ductile post-tensioned metal straps
Phongsatorn Chanpen, Thanongsak Imjai, Surin Sutthiprabha

12. Comparing methods of optimization in solver of microsoft excel 2007 and 2019 a case study of statistical models
Pradthana Minsan

13. Designing a simple experimental kit for absorbance measurement in teaching chemistry determining sugar content in beverages.pdf
Tanita Sirirat, Itsarapong Chuasontia

14. Profile-likelihood based confidence intervals for the geometric parameter of the zero-inflated geometric distribution
Patchanok Srisuradetchai, Kittima Dangsupa

15. Uva-monitored, cellulose-based binder colorimetric security printing ink
Surachai Khankaew, Areerat Photirattanasangchai

16. A construction model for predicting student’s academic achievement by smartphone usage behaviors using data mining techniques
Wanthanee Prachuabsupakij, Thanyaporn Boonyoung, Sukanya Boonsri

17. Model creation for assessing productivity of dry season rice with backscatter coefficient from sentinel-1
Phichaton Mema, Arisara Charoenpanyanet

18. Software prevent occurrence of computer vision syndrome case of detecting distance from the face image
Wanchat Pookhuntod, Jitimon Angskun, Thara Angskun

19. Grouping areas around rail transport stations based on the concept transit oriented development (tod) the green line (mo chit–onnut) and the blue line (bang sue–hua lamphong)
Apinya Padon, Pawinee Iamtrakul