1. Equilibrium and batch design studies for cutting fluid adsorption onto sugarcane bagasse and modified sugarcane bagasse
Waranya Champraeecha, Antika Pranudta and Kowit Piyamongkala

2. Development and implementation of a creep model for deformation analysis of a rockfill dam
Pornthap Pramthawee, Chana Phutthananon, Raksiri Sukkarak and Pornkasem Jongpradist

3. Modification and field testing of an indoor electrostatic air purifier
Kananake Tintachart and Worrapun Norkaew

4. Development of planar slot antenna with semicircle stub using cpw fed for wlan/wimax and uwb applications
Nipont Tangthong and Somsak Akatimakool

5. The prototype and economics analysis of horizontal axis wind turbine generator low speed synchronous generators using waste motors
Chainuson Kasagepongsran, Montri Suklueng

6. Performance testing of the standing-wave thermoacoustic engine for refrigeration applications
Wazin Chairojnipat and Isares Dhuchakallaya

7. A feasibility study of a pedestrian crash simulator powered by ironless linear motor
Anan Tempiem, Supachai Lakkam, Pichest Boonyalai and Kullayot Suwantaroj

8. Geometrical effects of solar greenhouse dryer on rubber sheet drying
Wasan Jeentada and Pornchai Phetsongkram

9. Application of 3rs for plastic fuel tank industry
Ampika Krairit and Pensuda Phanritdum

10. A heuristic development for a pickup and delivery problem under multiple type and weight constraints
Pikchaya Khongkaew and Thananya Wasusri

11. The competencies for e-logistic strategy of small and medium enterprises' entrepreneur
Chedthida Kusalasaiyanon, Wiphawan Thongniam and Wipawan Janprachom

12. An approximation of average run length for nonparametric arcsine ewma sign control chart using markov chain approach
Apinya Prarisudtipong, Yupaporn Areepong and Saowanit Sukparungsee

13. Polyhydroxyalkanate : bioplastic from bacteria
Pradinunt Eiamsa-ard

14. X-ray attenuation coefficient of pu/baso4 composite sheet
Tiwawan Atichatkul, Noppavan Chanunpanich, Vithit Pungkun and Chonlada Suwanboon

15. Channuel estimatio using maximum-likelihood for rate-adaptive reconciliation in quantum key distribution
Patcharapong Treeviriyanupab and Tharathorn Phromsa-ard

16. The management of the commercial areas of the international airports in thailand
Chaichan Paecharoen, Supatta Pinhapataya, Teeravuti Boonyasopon and Anake Teeraviwatchai

17. Development of industrial management curriculum for sustainability
Supitcha Cheevapruk

18. Factors affecting the classification structure of electrical overhead travelling cranes in industry
Sumate Sathibunanan

19. Dissolved air flotation processes
Sangnuan Srirathchatchawarn and Anurak Petiruksakul