1. A decision support methodology for potentiality evaluation and selection of industrial waste utilization: case studes from electronics component manufactureing industry
Prin Boonkanit

2. Compressive strength improvement of concrete containing rice husk ash using an alkaline activator
Reaksmey Soeurt, Wichian Chalee

3. Analysis of behavior and collection efficiency of particles in two-stage electrostatic precipitators for particulate matter removal from coffee roasting process
Chanikarn Kudpa, Onanong Uppama, Ailada Thaitui, Papassara Yodthip, Supawadee Fungom, Artit Yawootti, Panich Intra

4. A study of performance of the induction heating dryer
Geerapong Srivichai

5. Development of rice kernel coater with fluidized bed process
Preeda Prakotmak

6. Numerical and experimental analysis of submerged arc welding process for assessing distortions and residual stresses in steel structural member
Nareudom Khajohnvuttitragoon, Chinarong Srikunwong

7. The effect of boron and sequence on refining efficiency and eutectic silicon modification in al-si-mg cast alloy
Phisith Muangnoy and Jinkamon Luijan

8. Prioritization of failure modes by using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (fahp): a case study electronics parts/components manufacturing process
Khuanchai Inhun, Tritos Laosirihongtong

9. An application of house of quality (hoq) in improving a package of medical equipment
Runchana Sinthavalai, Pemika Boonchu and Siriporn Polmai

10. Waste reducation in process of air-condition factory
Suchadee Tumrongsuk, Wanchai Laemlaksakun and Somnoek Wisuttipat

11. Designing of public transportation network using uncapacitated single allocation p hub median model: case study nonthaburi province
Ornurai Sangsawang

12. Phosphate removal in wastewater by adsorption on calcium carbonate and calcium oxide from eggshell
Saowapa Waiyasusri

13. Evaluation of average run length of nonparametric ewma sign control chart by markov chain approach
Nattapron Thongrong, Saowanit Sukparungsee and Yupaporn Areepong

14. Development of knowledge transfer model in the rice mill industry
Manas Choopakar, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Kanit Chaloeyjanya, Supatta Pinthapataya

15. The model of career develpment for first line management in thai automotive spare parts industry for the entry of asean economic community
Siriporn Karakarn, Sunchai Inthapichai, Wichitra Phonyiem

16. The leadership competency model for middle management in hard disk drive industry
Thanatchaporn Promtan, Krisada Asawarungsaengkul, Vichai Rungreunganun and Thanasan Intarakumthornchai

17. Reducing water loss in water distribution system
Marupatch Jamnongwong

18. The application of solar energy to drive the absorption refrigeration in thailand
Patcharin Saechan