1. Software development for analyzing the basic first and second-order circuit response using matlab guis
Sommart Khamkleang

2. Development of a novel algorithm for wave iterative method for rectangular waveguide microwave circuits
Pinit Nuangpirom, Somsak Akatimagool

3. Fabrication of permanent magnet for low speed synchronous generators using waste motors
Chainuson Kasagepongsran, Montri Suklueng

4. Relationship of the breakdown voltage to the gap distance between different types of electrodes and examination of the surface damage after the breakdown using sem
Urairat Fuangsoongnern, Winai Plueksawan

5. Numerical and experimental study on the stack geometry affecting on the cooling performance of the thermoacoustic refrigerator
Isares Dhuchakallaya, Patcharin Saechan

6. Wastes reduction in allyl chloride distillation process using response surface experiment
Phumin Raksakit, Teeradej Wuttipornpun and Kusol Pimapunsri

7. Correlation analysis between water quality factors and chemical usages with canonical correlation technique in metropolitan waterworks authority
Patipat Tipkanjanarat, Thananya Wasusri

8. The accuracy test of government lottery by plastic transparent machine
Nitichon Tansakul

9. Inactivation of e. coli in milk tea undergoing pulsed electric field pasteurization
Panich Intra, Artit Yawootti, Visut Asanavijit, Pichayakorn Manopian, Chaiarnan Pengmanee and Niorn Somsri

10. Shelf life extension of baby corn (zea mays l.) using micro-perforated films
Jirutthitikan Boonthanakorn, Wannee Chinsirikul, Noppadon Kerddonfag, Charinee Winotapun, Pokkwan Hutangura and Benjawan Thumthanaruk

11. The imitation wine from the juice of pomelo (citrus maxima (burm.f.) merr.), khao taeng kwa variety, fermented with the mycelium of hed krang
Ratapol Sornprasert and Saowarose Pangnoi

12. The development of short course training manual for electric skill subject with hearing disables to prepare for entry into electrical industries
Narthaya Kirtibhakti, Teravuti Boonyasopon and Kanit Chaloeyjanya

13. Fatigue management of driver for industrial gas business
Wilairat Charoenmairungrueang, Somsri Siriwaiprapan and Ranin Kijkla

14. Development of knowledge sharing model in hard disk drive industry
Thanyathip Pichitkarnkar, Supatta Pinthapataya and Athakorn Kengpol

15. Improving production efficiency by using preventive maintenance
Piyachut Jantiva, Wannalak Laotaweesub and Supitcha Cheevapruk

16. Occupational standard and professional qualification in logistics export and import operation for asean economics community
Natepanna Yavirach

17. Basic graph theory and its applications
Nifatamah Makaje and Arthit Intarasit