1. Development of heat storage system of concrete block
Thamma Jairtalawanich

2. Factors affecting permeability of lateritic soils with different gradations
Sayam Kamkhuntod Panich Voottipruex Sunchai Inthapichai and Pitthaya Jamsawang

3. Effect of window function for fault detection in three phase induction motors
Ekkamol Boonyapalanant and Meechai Lohakan

4. Electronically tunable current-mode universal biquadratic filter using single cc-cddcc and grounded passive elements
Montri Somdunyakanok

5. Quadrature oscillator using only single cccfta and grounded passive elements
Supawat Lawanwisut and Montree Siripruchyanun

6. A third-order quadrature oscillator using otras
Ittipon Kansiri and Montree Kumngern

7. A study on the effects of heat-treatment conditions on mechanical behavior of a356 cast alumimium-silicon alloys mixed with recycled beverage cans
Ouay-chai Wongrat Patiphan Juijerm and Payoon Senthongkaew

8. Multi-objective balancing on mixed-model parallel assembly lines with biogeography-based optimization
Nutthachai Yothaboribal and Parames Chutima

9. The development of a computer program for line balancing process- a case study of a company in an automotive industry
Parigchat Kawmanee and Athakorn Kengpol

10. Author identification of thai online messages using support vector machine and decision tree
Rangsipan Marukatat

11. Personal document management behavior on computers
Gritya Tongpasuk and Thippaya Chintakovid

12. Purification of biodiesel synthesized from palm oil by washing in a microtube reactor
Amaraporn Kaewchada and Tanaporn Waipanichakarn

13. The curriculum and learning media development on technical english for tourism in thailand in buddhist style
Pa-ob Poungnoi Nataya Kaewsai Somchat Lerkbangplad Plodpran Chonsakorn and Atchara Sangkhayuth

14. Hot charge carrier phenomena in quantum wells and its role on the development of efficiency of quantum well lasers and optoelectronics devices in ir range
Paphavee van Dommelen

15. Confidence intervals for a coefficient of quartile variation with bonett method and bootstrap method
Phannana Aiemsuwan