1. Performance of silane-treated repairs on concrete structures under time-dependent chloride environment in thailand
Aruz Petcherdchoo

2. Effects of obstacles on constructing manholes and conduits- case study the mrt pipeline project
Sureyo Bumee and Wannawit Tamthong

3. Effect investigation and comparison of iron losses and acoustic noise of non-oriented magnetic steel supplied by bipolar and unipolar pwm inverter
Opas Sirikunchittavon and Siriwich Tadsuan

4. Numerical simulations of rubber compounds extruded in a slit die
Suthinan Leewuthinan Chanyut Kolitawong and Wiboon Lertwimolnun

5. The study of injection molding method for high density polyethylene mixed with chemical foaming agent
Piyanuch Khumphoi Surasit Rojananan and Siriporn Rojananan

6. Ospf network traffic engineering by branch exchange method
Kairat Jaroenrat and Tichakorn Samrongsub

7. Application of qfd technique for determining specifications and design of a prototype system for crop yield prediction
Kanitta Kulnawin Panchit Longpradit Chamaiporn Charoenporn and Pattarasinee Bhattarakosol

8. Application of genetic algorithm for vehicle routing problem of chicken rendering plants
Nopparuj Sangpan and Surapong Sirikulvadhana

9. Improving of safety behaviors of operators- case study industrial dyeing factory
Atittaya Petworapan and Jittra Rukijkanpanich

10. Development of the production cost assessment system in coil spring factory for automotive
Ingdow Wimon and Suthas Ratanakuakangwan

11. Genetic algorithms approach for analyzing the location problem in the future management of computer scraps
Apichon Kamnerdwam Wanida Rattanamanee Runchana Sinthavalai and Wannarat Suntiamorntut

12. Growth of microorganisms isolated from biodiesel fuel and their control
Savitri Vatanyoopaisarn and Tavinvong Kuhakongkeat

13. Preparation of cooked ham from broadhead catfish
Suthida Akkarachaneeyakorn Sutasinee Parinyanut and Chatchanok Kittawee

14. Determination of dichlorophenol trichlorophenol pentachlorophenol and trichloroanisole residual in paper sample by gas chromatography
Chatchalida Boonpanaid Chayanee Arunsomboon Titika Wongmee and Sompoch Noichinda

15. Morphological and physiological comparison of oil palm in abandoned rice field and appropriate areas
Sorapong Benchasri Panumas Pruthikanee Sakulrat Sanputawong and Sakunkan Simla

16. Quality and shelf-life of fresh longan under modified atmosphere packaging
Panatorn Chantanop Wannee Chinsirikul Charinee Winotapun Vichai Domrongpokkaphan and Benjawan Thumthanaruk

17. Radical scavenging activity and phytochemical compositions of some tropical fruit plant leaves
Panthip Boonsong and Wanlapa Natedungta

18. Modeling heat and mass transfer in drying of single-kernel brown rice
Preeda Prakotmak

19. Model development of corporate social responsibility with communities participation for sustainable of industrial zone
Phothiwat Paopongchuang Teravuti Boonyasopon and Wichien Katsingha

20. Development of a maintenance management model for small and medium manufacturing enterprises- case study air-conditioner factory
Teerawat Boonyasopon Sakarin Yuphong and Preeda Atawinijtrakarn