1. The position control of ball and beam system with fuzzy control
Manop Hangpai and Chaiyapon Thongchaisuratkrul

2. Utilization of elderly workers in manufacturing
Sageemas Na Wichian, Khuntarose Sanwong, Salinee Acharry and Youdhagarn Acharry

3. Shear modulus investigation of bangkok clay using piezoelectric transducer technique
Keeratikan Piriyakul and Narong Thumputi

4. Assessment of co2 due to repairs for extending service life of reinforced concrete structures under chloride environment in thailand
Aruz Petcherdchoo and Paweena Narupankulchai

5. Improvement of the bending stress of polypropylene fiber-reinforced compacted cement sand
Pitthaya Jamsawang, Panich Voottipruex and Sunchai Inthapichai

6. The effect of na(oh) concentration on the water flow rate and compressive strengths of fly ash-based geopolymer porous concrete
Kanoknet Kuennokkhum, Warisara Koraviyothin and Wichian Chalee

7. The application of thermosyphons for the temperature distribution of vegetable oil in vacuum fryers
Sakultala Wannapakhe and Chakapan Ngaouwthong

8. The effect of v-ring indenter geometry in fine-blanking process by using finite element-simulation
Phisit Srinoi and Sirichai Torsakul

9. Multi-objective car sequencing problem on mixed-model two-sided assembly lines
Sathaporn Olanviwatchai and Parames Chutima

10. The use of granular blast furnace slag in concrete manufacturing- statistical analysis
Parinya Koonmee, Watchara Songserm and Teeradej Wuttipornpun

11. Inspection process improvement of the electronics parts for reducing lot rejection rate
Ubolrat Wangrakdiskul, Ilada Pumanwat and Pornsak Srisungsitthisunti

12. Study of hydrodynamics behavior and radial uniformity in a co-current down-flow circulating fluidized bed reactor by means of cfd simulation
Parinya Khongprom, Adisorn Pratumma, Nuttapol Malai, Sunun Limtrakul and Terdthai Vatanatham

13. Total intermodal transportation cost affecting transportation mode choice of auto parts industries in samutprakarn
Ampol Navavongsathian, Surat Janthongpan, Dadanee Vuthipadadorn, Sithichai Farangthong, Thipat Sothiwan and Chanya Pomsa

14. Analysis and development of internal models to calculate solvency capital requirement for insurance company
Arthit Intarasit, Nawarat Ekkarntrong and Khanchit Chuarkham

15. A study of the effect of length of production line on performance measures for single-level continuous sampling plans
Tidadeaw Mayureesawan

16. Enrichment of protein and iron in snack products using tuna blood powder
Sutheera Maepakdee, Petchrada Rattanasuwan, Nisanard Krasaechon and Wichamanee Yuenyongputtakal

17. Kinetics and enhancement of transesterification reaction by co-solvent addition
Sunthorn Sangsong, Pathinan Sangpin and Kittiwat Wongpisan

18. Polycaprolactone nanofiber sheet
Noppavan Chanunpanich and Chonlada Suwanboon

19. The development model of learning organization and knowledge management by knowledge sharing via internet network
Boonlert Texsanguan, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Wichein Ketsingha and Nipon Surapongrakjaron