1. A cmos four-quadrant analog current multiplier circuit
สุมาลี อุณหวณิชย์ และ วรพงศ์ ตั้งศรีรัตน์

2. Alcoholic fermentation from sweet sorghum some operating problems
Phowchinda O, Delia-Dupuy M.L. and Strehaiano P.

3. Avoiding exit burr in cnc end milling by an adapted tool path
Jaramporn Hassamantr, Laurent Biondaz and David A. Dornfeld

4. Brettanomyces as a polluting yeast in alcoholic fermentations study of its relation to saccharomyces
Marie-Line Delia, Oranut Phowchinda, Sandrine Alfenore and Pierre Strehaiano

5. Hybridisation of neural networks and genetic algorithms
Nachol Chaiyaratana and Ali M.S. Zalzala

6. Passivity of stainless steels
ผศ. ศิริลักษณ์ นิวิฐจรรยงค์