1. A study and simulation of ceiling cooling systems for the residential homes
ธนาคม สุนทรชัยนาคแสง และ ปิยะโรจน์ สมานคงศักดิ์

2. Critical factors influencing construction productivity in thailand
Arun Makulsawatudom, Margaret Emsley and Kuldej Sinthawanarong

3. Low-voltage high-speed pwm signal generations based on relaxation oscillator
Montree Siripruchyanun

4. On the dynamics of mass transfer with chemical reaction in semi-batch reactor
Kittiwat Wongpisan

5. Recruitment filtering with personality-job fit model
Surattana Supjarerndee, Yaowadee Temtanapat and Utomporn Phalavonk

6. Solving economic dispatch via primal-dual interior point methodfor quadratic programming
Solving Economic Dispatch via Primal-Dual Interior Point Methodfor Quadratic Programming

7. The effects of internet-based teaching and learning systems on learners
Krismant Whattanarong