1. Taxonomy of the genus melinis (poaceae) in thailand, with lectotypification of three names
Paweena Wessapak, Chatchai Ngernsaengsaruay

2. Additional knowledge on the genus mitragyna (rubiaceae) in thailand
Chatchai Ngernsaengsaruay, Nisa Leksungnoen, Weereesa Boonthasak, Suwimon Utharatsamee, Phruet Racharak, Kantinan Leetanasakskul, Pornkanok Pongamorn, Atcharaphan Saengbuapuean

3. Distinctive new monoon species (annonaceae) from thailand, increasing diversity of a genus of ecologically important asian trees
Pasakorn Bunchalee, David M. Johnson, Nancy A. Murray

4. Two new species and a revised key of grewia (malvaceae) from thailand
Pranom Chantaranothai, Sermpong Nualngam

5. Garcinia dumosa (clusiaceae), a new record for thailand, with associated lectotypifications
Chatchai Ngernsaengsaruay, Decha Duangnamon, Weereesa Boonthasak

6. A new species and taxonomic notes on the genus combretum (combretaceae) in thailand
Nannapat Pattharahirantricin, Manop Poopath

7. A new combination in rennellia (rubiaceae)
Ian M. Turner