1. The genus ephemeropsis (daltoniaceae, bryophyta) in thailand
Wanwisa Juengprayoon, Sahut Chantanaorrapint

2. Phenology, seed germination and some vegetative features of strobilanthes fragrans (acanthaceae), a recently described unusual species, found only in a single forest park in thailand
Suphawan Vongkamjan, Frederick Bruce Sampson

3. Corybas geminigibbus (orchidaceae), a new species record for thailand
Sahut Chantanaorrapint, Amonrat Chantanaorrapint

4. Toxicopueraria peduncularis, a new genus and species native to thailand
Ashley N. Egan, Christopher F. Puttock

5. A new record of lepisanthes blume for thailand and lectotypification of two species of otophora blume (sapindaceae)
Boonchuang Boonsuk, Pranom Chantaranothai

6. The genus haymondia a.n.egan & b.pan bis (fabaceae) in thailand
Ashley N. Egan, Christopher F. Puttock

7. Rothmannia macrophylla, a new record for thailand
Kwanjai Khammongkol, Voradol Chamchumroon, Naiyana Tetsana, Manop Poopath, Jarearnsak Sae Wai, Sarawood Sungkaew

8. Notes on crepidium (orchidaceae) two new combinations, a putative natural hybrid, and four species newly recorded for thailand
Anchalee Nuammee, Tosak Seelanan, Somran Suddee, Henrik AE. Pedersen

9. A new species of abutilon (malvaceae-malvoideae) from thailand
Leena Phuphathanaphong, Manop Poopath

10. Coelogyne ventrinigra (orchidaceae), a new species from thailand
Ed de Vogle, Piyakaset Suksathan, Thitiporn Pingyot, Hassachai Boonuang, Santi Watthana

11. Hybrids and the flora of thailand revisited hybridization in the south-east asian genus cryptocoryne (araceae)
Niels Jacobsen, Jan D. Bastmeijer, Josef Bogner, Hendra Budianto, Herman Bernard Ganapathy, Takashige Idei, Isa B. Ipor, Thirumalai Komala, Ahmad Sofiman Othman, Rusly Rosazlina, Joshua Siow, Suwidji Wongso, Marian Orgaard

12. A conspectus of alangium sect. alangium (alangiaceae)
Willem J.J.O. de Wilde, Brigitta E.E. Duyfjes