1. Research and development on salacca thorns removing machine for exporting of salacca
Puttinun Jarruwat, Piyachart Pummanee, Thanawat Tipchit, Kittisak Kittirat, Tinnasit Kaisinburasak, Anucha Chaochot, Uthai Thani, Sumruang Changprasert

2. Diversity and morphology of flower and pollen of bee and stingless bee honey plants in the orchard of ban ang-ed official community forest project (the chaipattana foundation) khlung district, chanthaburi province
Benchawon Chiwapreecha, Rungwit Chijirawong, Chaimongkol Kongpakdee

3. Transformation of intron hairpin rnai (ihprnai vector) of erd15 gene into tobacco
Payungsak Rauyaree, Aroonothai Sawwa, Boonruanrat Rueangwised

4. Leaf light response of cassava cv. huay bong 60 under normal and low o2 in combination with 3 co2 concentrations
Pornchai Paiboon, Suntaree Yingjajaval

5. Collection and morphological characterization of eggplant cultivars (solanum melongena l.)
Phatchara Piriyavinit, Padnaree Rukkid, Saowanee Dachakumpoo, Kunyaporn Pipithsangchan, Sunisa Khatpaen

6. Identification of economically important fruit fly larvae of dacini (diptera tephritidae) in thailand using scanning electron microscopy (sem)
yuvarin boontop, Chamaiporn Buamas, Kessuda Sonsiri, Jomsurang Duangthisan, Sitisarodom Kaewsawat

7. Diurnal leaf net co 2 assimilation, acid content and photochemistry of pineapple (ananas comosus l. merr.) ‘smooth cayenne’
Pannee Chuennakorn, Suntaree Yingjajaval

8. K2 a newly isolated strain of bacillus amyloliquefaciens regulates responsive proteins for its survival and promotes plant growth of rice seedlings against bacterial leaf blight and salt stresses
Sasiprapha Marach, Tiyakhon Chatnaparat, Supot Kasem, Sutruedee Prathuangwong