1. Comparative study optical devices for lemon fruit counting
Bundit Jarimopas, Nutcha Piumkla and Urai Therapittayanont

2. Development of indeterminate growth habit of soybean variety chiang mai 3
Somchai Pa-oblek, Sawet Charoenkat, Thewa Maolanont

3. Effects of lime and rates of compound chemical fertilizer on promising large seed peanut lines
Worayuth Sirichumpan

4. Flowering of olive (olea europaea l.) trees and possibility for growing in thailand
Sermsakul Pojanagaroon and Chaweang Keawrak

5. Morphological classification of wild banana (musa acuminata colla) by classical taxonomy and cluster analysis technique in lower northern thailand
Det Wattanachaiyingcharoen, Kumthorn Therakhupt and Surin Kangkun

6. Soil fertility conservation for sustainable field maize production
Chollawuth La-ied, Jitrlada Thongsodsaenge & Teerasak Manupeerapan

7. Suitable rice variety and fertilizer for beneficial return in rainfed lowland coarse texture soils at phitsanuloke
Anon Sooksawad and Kawaporn Pumchoei

8. Waterlogging effects on survival of rice and some red rice seeds
Anchalee Prasertsak and Aoum Kongchoo