1. Damages of brown planthopper, nilaparvata iugen (stๅi) on non photosensitive certified rice varieties in the eastern region
Patchanee Chaiyawat

2. Effect of rice straw and rice hull ash addition on the efficiency of urea broadcast to a lowland
Sakorn Phongpan, Arvin R. Mosier and Jenvith Sookthongsa

3. Effect of sowing date on yield component, biomass yield and nutrient content in cowpea
Chamlong Kogram, Somjai Kowsurat, Boonluer Srimoongkoon and Wongduen Prasomthong

4. Microorganisms and their preservation
Pattana Sontirat

5. Study on the tillage systems on physical soil properties under sugarcane cultivation
Somphob Jongruaysup, Anusorn Teinsiriroek and Patcharin Namwong

6. The response of micronutrients on cassava root yield of rayong 72 and kasetsart 50
Watana Watananonta, Saowaree Tangsakul, Methee Kamhung, Chamlong Kogram, Sompong Chompunukultat,

7. Tissue culture of leuang pratew 123 and khao tah haeng 17
Jaruwan Chatisathian, Mingkwan Mingmuang, Surin Piyachokyakul and Songkran Chitrakon