1. Aspects of plant-insect pests-natural enemies interactions
Patchanee Chaiyawat

2. Collection and varietal study of olive molecular characterization of olive cultivars using rapd
Sermakul Pojanagaroon and Derake Tonpayom

3. Comparative study of fertilizer requirement for three sugarcane
Somphob Jongruaysup, Damri Thavornmas and Udom Rattanarak

4. Design and development of young coconut peeling machine
Bundit Jarimopas and Acradech Pechrasmai

5. Effect of boron on yield and quality of sugarcane i. pot experiment
Damri Thavonmas, Somphob Jongruaysup and Udom Rattanarak

6. Effect of dirty panicle disease on rice seed vigor
Porntip Thavong

7. Mutation breeding of aromatic rice (oyza sativa l. var. kdml 105) for photoperiod insensitivity
Prapa Sripichitt and Onanong Naivikul

8. Study on physical and hydraulic properties of major soil series in northeast, thailand
Vidhaya Trelo-ges and Vichai Sriboonlue

9. Viability of mangosteen seed stored in wet and dry conditions
Vichai Wongvarodom