1. Active learning a preliminary study in “medicines with special administration” class
Nunthaluxna Sthapornnanon

2. Prevalence of causative bacteria and clinical outcomes among patients with meningitis at a regional central hospital in thailand
Wichai Santimaleeworagun, Nirun Jangkong, Ketmanee Petchhouyluek, Nalinrat Leawsrivilai, Wichayaporn Suwanraksa, Wimonsiri Buapool

3. Application of oil replenishment and mixed adsorbents technology to enhance the shelf life of frying oil used in chicken drumsticks processing
Bhundit Innawong, Chatchalai Siasakul, Patchimaporn Udomkun

4. Effect of tiliacora triandra leaf juice on qualities of thai layered dessert
Krittin Chumkaew, Chaiyasit Punfujinda

5. In vitro characterization and viability of vero cell lines supplemented with porcine follicular fluid proteins study
Mayuva Youngsabanant, Suphaphorn Rabiab, Nongnuch Gumlungpat, Busaba Panyarachun

6. Techno-economic analysis of biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using supercritical and subcritical processes
Tunya Tipsri, Veerayut Lersbamrungsuk