1. Role of exogenous putrescine and spermine applications for improving fruit quality of banana cv. hom thong at low temperature storage
Phrutiya Nilprapruck, Pimjai Meetum, Chanika Chanthasa

2. Evaluation of different carbon sources for biofloc production in tilapia ( oreochromis niloticus l.) culture
Arnuparp Wankanapol, Prachaub Chaibu, Sirichat Soonthornvipat

3. Heteropolyoxometalate catalyzed selective oxidation of alcohols to carbonyl compounds by hydrogen peroxide under mild condition
Uday Sankar Agarwalla

4. Instructional management techniques for nursing science students with simulation based learning
Wasana Mangkhang, Seubtrakul Tantalanukul, Ananya Kooariyakul