1. Natural trematode infections of freshwater snail melanoides jugicostis hanley & theobald, 1876 (family thiaridae), the first intermediate host of animal and human parasites in thailand
Wivitchuta Dechruksa, Duangduen Krailas, Matthias Glaubrecht

2. Using brown rice flour and alternative sweetener to reduce glycemic index in toddy palm cake
Sukhontha Sukhonthara

3. Synthesis, characterization and in vitro antibacterial evaluation of oxadiazole derivatives
Kiran Mehta

4. The in vitro effect of a crude extract from artocarpus lakoocha roxb on paramphistomum cervi
Mananya Preyavichyapugdee, Manaw Sangfuang, Narin Preyavichyapugdee, Yupa Pootaeng-on, Prasert Sophon

5. On the use of non-activated carbon derived from abattoir solid waste to adsorb heavy metals in contaminated surface water
Abimbola Yusuf Sangodoyin, Ademola Ayodeji Ajayi-Banji