1. Sust.04.02.2010.front matter

2. A study of specific energy consumption in reheating furnace using regenerative burners combined with recuperator
Kanit Manatura Manatura, Mingsak Tangtrakul Tangtrakul

3. A simulation comparison of new confidence intervals for the coefficient of variation of a poisson distribution
Wararit Panichkitkosolkul

4. Nutritive values of whip grass (hemarthria compressa) at different cutting intervals consumed by thai indigenous cattle
Jeerasak Chobtang, Apichat Boonruangkao, Saksan Suankool, Auraiwan Isuwan

5. Computer simulation for studying complexation between a model drug and a model protein
Wibul Wongpoowarak, Nimit Worakul, Wiwat Pichayakorn, Payom Wongpoowarak, Prapaporn Boonme

6. Structural and morphological characterization of chemical bath deposition of fes thin films in the presence of sodium tartrate as a complexing agent
Anuar Kassim, Ho Soon Min, Loh Yean Yee, Saravanan Nagalingam

7. Sust.04.02.2010.acknowledgement to referees 2009-2010