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2. Foaming and emulsifying properties of rice bran extracts obtained by subcritical water treatment
Pramote Khuwijitjaru, Panit Nualchan, Shuji Adachi

3. Evaluation of changes in prescription medication patronage motives the comparison study
Burin T. Sriwong

4. Absorption of nucleic acid from the small intestines of swamp buffaloes and zebu cattle
Opart Pimpa, Juan Boo Liang, Joa Quim Balcells

5. Effect of various tropical roughages on rumen ecology and digestibility of beef cattle
Siwaporn Paengkoum, Metha Wanapat, Chalong Wachirapakorn, Ngarmnit Nontaso

6. Mathematical model of transient electromagnetic response from heterogeneous ground structure
Suabsagun Yooyuanyong