1. Performance of variance corrected models and frailty model in recurrent event data a simulation study
Thenmozhi Mani, Visalakshi Jeyaseelan, Silambarasan Veerasamy, Jeyaseelan Lakshmanan

2. On existence and uniqueness of common fixed point in c-algebra valued metric spaces
Deepak Kumar, Rishi Dhariwal

3. Regression-in-ratio estimator and confidence interval for the population mean for data with outliers
Patarawan Sangnawakij

4. Green’s relations on a ternary monoid hyp(2)
Nagornchat Chansuriya

5. Entropy generation during mhd fluid flow of viscoelastic fluid through a deformable porous layer
Utpal Jyoti Das, Mira Das

6. On an open problem in complex valued rectangular b-metric spaces with an application
Cholatis Suanoom, Wongvisarut Khuangsatung, Thanatporn Bantaojai

7. Removal of lead(ii) from aqueous solution using fibroin from cocoon waste as a potential biosorbent
Amnuay Wattanakornsiri, Sathaporn Pasada, Siriporn Kornram, Suphapan Satchawan, Napaporn Kheangkhun, Pongthipun Phuengphai

8. Predicting the mortality in the patients hospitalized in intensive care units (icu) based on machine learning techniques
Khadijeh Moulaei, Kambiz Bahaadinbeigy, Fahimeh Ghasemian, Zahra Mohamadi Taghiabad

9. Effects of sleep deprivation on probability of traffic violations in motorcyclists; analysis using bayesian network
Pada Lumba, Bambang Edison, Khairul Fahmi, Arie Syahruddin Sibarani, Anton Ariyanto, Arifal Hidayat, Alfi Rahmi, Rismalinda

10. Experimental study of heat transfer and water infiltration in two-layered granular packed bed
Sauce Aksornkitti, Phadungsak Rattanadecho, Teerapot Wessapan

11. Reconstruction of an improved high- resolution image from low-resolution image using image enlargement and enhancement algorithm
Loveleen Kumar, Manish Jain

12. Influence of natural rubber latex on carbonation of calcined clay-based geopolymer concrete
Badrinarayan Rath

13. A segmentation algorithm for the leaf area identification in plant’s images
Abhishek Gupta

14. Study on ventricular fibrillation by using wavelet and identification with svm
Tanaporn Payommai

15. Bearing capacity factor for spudcans in anisotropic clay based on aus failure criterion
Suraparb Keawsawasvong

16. Effects of heat-killed lactobacillus plantarum l-137 on growth performance, feed utilization, immune response, and survival rate in red tilapia (oreochr
Pham Minh Duc, Tran Le Cam Tu, Le Thi Truc Phuong, Cao Tuan Anh, Tran Ngoc Tuan, Satoru Onoda, Tran Thi Thanh Hien

17. Pilot study the effects of air-filled thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu) in foot orthosis
Nathanit Jirapongpathai, Sasithon Sukthomya, Phatsawee Winyouvijit, Kwannate Permpool, Benjaporn Inprang, Fakhri Rekha Utama , Harianto Tri Nugroho

18. Understanding the dynamics of dengue haemorrhagic fever (dhf) in indonesia and its sustainable solution a qualitative perspective
Muhamad Khairulbahri

19. Association between maternal and infant serum vitamin d and food sensitization
Paskorn Sritipsukho, Charintip Somprasit, Punnapatch Piriyanon

20. Turmeric sprout inhibition and rhizomes quality after post-harvest treatment with gamma irradiation
Panchalee Prakhongsil, Surasak Sajjabut, Wachiraporn Pewlong, Roppon Picha, Nuatawan Thamrongsiripak