1. Numerical solutions of fractional covid-19 model using spectral collocation method
Surath Ghosh, Sunil Kumar

2. Effect of suction injection on the stream of a magnetohydrodynamic casson fluid over a vertical stretching surface installed
Ravindra Kumar, Ruchika Mehta, Kalpna Sharma, Devendra Kumar

3. Magnetic field effect on lid-driven porous cavity heated to the right wall
A. Vanav Kumar, L. Jino, Swapnali Doley, M. Berlin

4. Correction and weight distribution of periodic random errors
Pankaj Kumar Das, Letminthang Haokip

5. New expansion scheme to solitary wave solutions for a model of wave-wave interactions in plasma
Ram Dayal Pankaj, Chiman Lal, Arun Kumar

6. Mathematical study of mhd casson fluid flow through porous media along with soret and dufour effects over a stretching surface
Ruchi Jain, Ruchika Mehta, Tripti Mehta, Sushila

7. A computational approach for solving fractional model of malignant tumour growth based on dynamics of cell cycle
Jagdev Singh, Rashmi Agrawal

8. Certain integral formulae involving incomplete i-functions
Sanjay Bhatter, Kamlesh Jangid, Sapna Meena, Sunil Dutt Purohit

9. Multi-objective fixed-charge linear fractional transportation problem using rough programming
Rachana Saini, Vishwas Deep Joshi, Jagdev Singh

10. Numerical simulation for activation energy impact on darcy-forchheimer flow of casson fluid suspended with nano particles over a stretching cylinder
Deepak Sarve, Pradip Kumar Gaur, Vishnu Kumar Sharma

11. Generalized elliptic integrals involving incomplete fox wright function
Shalini Shekhawat, Akanksha Shukla, Kanak Modi

12. Some new results of weakly contractive mappings in gb -metric space
Vishal Gupta, Rajani Saini, Mohammad Saeed Khan

13. Certain unified integrals involving the product of s-function, v-function and the incomplete aleph functions
Monika Jain, Sapna Tyagi, Jagdev Singh

14. Difference equations and gaussian distribution for the digital signal’s noise reduction
D. Dorathy Prema Kavitha, L. Francis Raj

15. Fekete szego inequalities for new classes of analytic functions associated with fractional q differintegral operator
K.A. Selvakumaran, M. Gomathi, S.D. Purohit, D. Kumar

16. Stochastic analysis of redundant system with partial failure and with correlated life-time
Savita, Sanjeev Kumar, Pooja Bhatia

17. Study of flow and heat transfer of cuo ag c2h6o2 hybrid nanofluid over a stretching surface with porous media and mhd effect
Praveen Kumar Dadheech, Priyanka Agrawal, Sunil Dutt Purohit, Devendra Kumar

18. Influence of slip of a jeffrey fluid flow controlled by peristaltic transport with nanoparticles in an inclined tube
Nemani Subadra, Mantripragada Ananatasatya Srinivas, Sunil Dutt Purohit, Sushila

19. Semi-analytic solutions of electrohydrodynamic flow in a circular cylinder conduit
Vipul K. Baranwal, Ram K. Pandey, Manoj P. Tripathi, Harendra Singh, Sushila