1. Forecast of rooftop pv adoption in thailand
Aksornchan Chaianong, Athikom Bangviwat, Christoph Menke

2. Additional growth of dominant follicle during synchronized ovulatory cycle affects ovulatory follicle size, corpus luteum parameters, and progesterone level in northern thai native cattle
Jakree Jitjumnong, Paiwan Sudwan, Raktham Maktrirat, Punnawut Yama, Wilasinee Pirokad, Warittha U-krit, Tossapol Moonmanee

3. Heat transfer of hydromagnetic convective flow along a semi-circular enclosure filled with nanofluids using a two-dimensional non-homogeneous model
Sharmin Akter

4. Comparative study on biological activities of steamed and non - steamed ginger extracts
Naphatsaran Roekruangrit, Nuanjan Jaiarree, Arunporn Itharat, Preecha Wanichsetakul, Sumalee Panthong, Sunita Makchuchit, Saovapak Poomirat

5. Increase stability of soft clay embankment for flood prevention using compaction and lining techniques
Vannee Sooksatra, Pawinee Jinga

6. A survey in bacteriological quality of traditional dried seafood products distributed in chon buri, thailand
Subuntith Nimrat, Namphueng Butkhot, Sireeporn Samutsan, Kittikoon Chotmongcol, Traimat Boonthai, Verapong Vuthiphandchai

7. Investigation of double slope solar distillation efficiency using heat absorber made from zinc
Nattadon Pannucharoenwong, Phadungsak Rattanadecho, Victoria Timchenko, Snunkhaem Echaroj, Kriengkrai Nabudda

8. Effects and chemical contents of hydrolysis modification of aqueous roselle extract to reflect the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
Varitha Ariyabukalakorn, Sumalee Panthong, Arunporn Itharat

9. Effects of gibberellic acid applied at different flowering stages on agronomic traits and yields of hybrid rice parental lines
Sokornthea Pin, Tanee Sreewongchai, Damrongvudhi Onwimol

10. Evaluation of hypertonic saline-sodium hydroxide method for concentration of sputum samples for mycobacterial culture
Anugoon Bunkhong, Wijit Wonglumsom, Duangnate Pipatsatitpong

11. Fekete-szego problem for certain classes of analytic functions associated with petal type domain and modified sigmoid function
Sunday Oluwafemi Olatunji, Hemen Dutta