1. Optimal and near-optimal inventory policies with shipping cost and planned backorders
Choosak Pornsing

2. Effects of intercropping of marigold and yardlong bean on population of cowpea aphid, aphis craccivora koch
Nathapong Matintarangson

3. Concrete crack detection using the integration of convolutional neural network and support vector machine
Mayank Sharma, Weerachai Anotaipaiboon, Krisada Chaiyasarn

4. Influence of whey protein on stability of mangostin entrapped in alginatewhey protein beads
Tunyaporn Sirilert, Nattapol Kajonboon, Nattiga Silalai

5. The effect of inspiratory and expiratory muscle warm-up on rowing performance in youth rowers
Supattra Silapabanleng, Sasipa Buranapuntalug

6. Optimization and validation study of hplc with fluorescence detection method for analysis of benzo[c]fluorine
Piyada Songsermsaku, Kazuichi Hayakawa

7. Design of trajectory tracking system for dc motors with uncertain time-varying inertial loads
Pinit Ngamsom

8. Sampled-data modeling of a single-ended primary inductor converter in discontinuous conduction mode
Yossawee Weerakamhaeng

9. Acceptor specificity of recombinant cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase from bacillus circulans a11
Titaporn Chaisin, Jarunee Kaulpiboon, Natwadee Poomipark