1. Optimization of solid-liquid extraction of gamma-oryzanol from rice bran oil soapstock using soxhlet extraction method
Kanitta Wangdee and Ekasit Onsaard

2. Enhanced physical stability of rice bran oil-in-water emulsion by heat and alkaline treated proteins from rice bran and soybean
Rodjana Noptana, Ekasit Onsaard

3. Genetic relationship assessment and identification of strap-leaf paphiopedilum using hat-rapd markers
Pornprapa Siritheptawee, Somchit Damrianant, Theerachai Thanananta, Narumol Thanananta

4. Investigation of diverse cryopreservation techniques for long term storage of coffee leaf rust hemileia vastatrix
Siraprapa Brooks, Dusit Athinuwat

5. Manifold ambiguities in higher-order statistics-based direction-finding systems
Supawat Supakwong

6. Application of the task-technology fit model to structure and evaluation of the adoption of smartphones for online library systems
Sununthar Vongjaturapat

7. Optimization of bioethanol production from raw sugar in thailand
Woranee Mungkalasiri, Boonchuay Pan-in, Jitti Mungkalasiri

8. Adsorption of metal-phthalocyanine molecule on aluminum (100) surface: the dft study
Asanee Somdee, Malliga Suewattana, Withoon Chunwachirasiri, Tanakorn Osotchan, Asawin Sinsarp