1. Development of a simple inclined algal culture system for outdoor cultivation
Supenya Chittapun, Theppanya Charoenrat, Ingkamonphat Maijui, Sompot Antimanon

2. Adsorption of ammonia and total phosphorus in surface water using zeolite and activated carbon: case study of chuat man canal, samut prakan
Anyarin Pithapakdeesatith, Natha Hungspreug, Bundit Anurugsa

3. Screening and preliminary optimizations for dihydroxyacetone production from glycerol by the gluconobacter and asaia isolates found in thailand
Issara Poljungreed, Pattaraporn Yukphan, Siwarutt Boonyarattanakalin

4. Effect of organic loading and nitrogen concentration on the efficiency of the sequencing batch reactor (sbr) system with electroplating wastewater (epww)
Suntud Sirianuntapiboon, Kanidta Chairattanawan

5. Price determination of electricity supply in thailand based on externalities, wheeling charges, and losses
Peerawat Payakkamas, Athikom Bangviwat, Christoph Menke, Piyatida Trinuruk

6. A review of the effect of non-ionizing microwave radiation on human health
Deepshikha Bhargava, Nopbhorn Leeprechanon

7. Efficiency comparison of tio2-coated pine wood, bamboo and coconut shell charcoals in real textile wastewater decolorization
Khanitta Hathaisamit, Yanisa Tantipalakul, Phitchayapron Adsunjhon, Nattapong Janthong

8. Enabling fuzzy logic to enhance automatic schema matching
Akarajit Tanjana and Jian Qu

9. Hybrid ant colony optimization and bees algorithm for planning of public fast charging stations on a residential power distribution system
Mahesh Kumar Sharma, Nopbhorn Leeprechanon, Prakornchai Phonrattanasak

10. Associations between environmental noise mapping and self-concerned from noise in can tho community, vietnam
Tran Huynh Minh Chi , Arroon Ketsakorn and Chalermchai Chaikittiporn

11. Stability of mhd unsteady nanofluid flow through expanding or contracting channel with porous walls
M. K. Rahman, Md. S. Alam, M. A. H. Khan

12. Prediction dynamic flooding of dam break using hydrodynamic model and flood assessment from classified theos images: a case study of srinagarind dam, kanchanaburi province
Suwit Ongsomwang, Nutthapol Junkaew