1. An experience in applying primary health care to control hypertension in the poor communities in bangkok 1986-1987
Amorm Premgamone, Tasanee Indrusksre, Karoon Loewsrisook

2. Cerebral cysticercosis recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral cysticercosis
Verajit Chotmongkol

3. Condyloma acuminata in pregnancy
Pichai Lueprasitsakul

4. Electron microscopic study of asbestos fibers in the flat sheet tile (from lid of the drinking water jar)
M. Namking, W. Buaboocha, S. Ratanasuwan, S. Poolsawat

5. Iodine-induced thyroid disease
Wasana Lueprasitsakul

6. Nerve conduction study in upper and lower limbs
Nalintip Tammanthong, Jitra Wongwiwattananont

7. Opisthorchiasis in swamp-side village of jaturat district , chaiyaphoom province
Somsak Nilapun, Sommai Sangiapo, Supan Uthachart

8. Secondary gout associated with agnogenic myeloid metaplasia a case report and review literatures
Ratanavadee Na nagara, Duangtip Vongsangnak

9. โครงการตรวจหามะเร็งปากมดลูกระยะแรกลดอัตราตาย ของมะเร็งปากมดลูกจริงหรือ
Prasit Pengsaa