1. Clinical staging for carcinoma of the cervix with microinvasive cancer
P . Charoenpanich, S. Toongsuwane

2. Hematuria- an indication for cystoscopy in staging of cervical cancer
Banchong Udomthavornsuk, Prasit Pengsaa, Pisake Lumbiganon

3. Mycotic infection of the middle ear and the temporal bone
Pakpoom Supiyaphun, Siripong Luengvarinkul

4. Pediatric ventilator anesth. kku model
Sunchai Theerapongpakdee, Thepakorn Satitkarnmanee, Somboon Thienthong

5. Reference interval of serum y-glutamyltransferase activity in healthy thais
Rewat Taksinamanee, Nongnuch Settasatian

6. Study groups of mother or relatives whose level of education are higher than prathom 4 which normally look after children better than the similar groups who have prathom 4 education or lower and
Pichet Leungtongkum, Somdej Piniwatsoontorn, Prapimporn Somnasang, Manop Kanato, Amornrat Ratanasiri, Srinoi Maskasame, Narumon Sinsupan, Mookda Jitjareuntum

7. Tdf (time-dose factor) in the treatment of carcinoma of the uterine cervix using high and low-dose rate
Nopadol Asavametha

8. The diagnosis and manadgement of hyperthyroidism in pregnancy
Wasana Lueprasitsakul, Pichai Lueprasitsakul