1. Growth performance and proximate composition of mixed cultures of marine microalgae (nannochloropsis sp. & tetraselmis sp.) with monocultures
Wasana Arkronrat, Prapapron Deemark, and Vutthichai Oniam

2. Decision-making on reverse logistics in the construction industry
Thanwadee Chinda and Veeris Ammarapala

3. Diversity among 3 cultivars (rrim600, rrit251, and pb350) of hevea brasiliensis and secondary metabolite production
Rugchanok Puwaphut, Alisa Nakkaew, and Amornrat Phongdara

4. Determination and mapping of calcium and magnesium contents using geostatistical techniques in oil palm plantation related to basal stem rot disease
Nur Shuhada Tajudin, Mohamed M. Hanafi, Abu Seman Idris, and Siva Kumar Balasundram

5. Investigation of antioxidative, antityrosinase and cytotoxic effects of extract of irradiated oyster mushroom
Nutsuda Banlangsawan, Bungorn Sripanidkulchai, and Niwat Sanoamuang

6. Stenostomum cf. leucops (platyhelminthes) in thailand- a surface observation using scanning electron microscopy and phylogenetic analysis based on 18s ribosomal dna sequences
Arin Ngamniyom and Busaba Panyarachun

7. Detection and preliminary characterization of a narrow spectrum bacteriocin produced by lactobacillus pentosus k2n7 from thai traditional fermented shrimp (kung-som)
Nisit Watthanasakphuban, Akio Tani, Soottawat Benjakul, and Suppasil Maneerat

8. Beneficial effects of young coconut juice feeding on the lipid, renal and liver profiles, in ovariectomized rats- preliminary novel findings
Nisaudah Radenahmad, Kitja Sawangjaroen, Winyou Mitranun, and Ibrahim Sayoh

9. Histological organization of the female queen devario regina (fowler, 1934) during its juvenile stage
Piyakorn Boonyoung, Sinlapachai Senarat, Jes Kettratad, Pisit Poolprasert, Watiporn Yenchum, and Waristha Angsirijinda

10. Effects of fishmeal quality on growth performance, protein digestibility and trypsin gene expression in pacific white shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei)
Chutima Tantikitti, Duangrat Chookird, and Amornrat Phongdara

11. Resistance test at early larval stage of blue swimming crab, portunus pelagicus
Mhd Ikhwanuddin, Taufik Hayimad, Azmie Ghazali, Syazreen-Sophia Abdul Halim, and Siti Aishah Abdullah

12. Genetic control of bread wheat (triticum aestivum l.) traits
Zine El Abidine Fellahi, Abderrahmane Hannachi, Hamenna Bouzerzour, and Abdelkader Benbelkacem

13. More on generalized b-closed sets in double fuzzy topological spaces
Fatimah M. Mohammed and A. Ghareeb

14. Wave exposure changes reproductive output and timing on padina boryana thivy (dictyotales, phaeophyceae)
Bongkot Wichachucherd, Larry B. Liddle, and Anchana Prathep

15. Group-buying inventory policy with demand under poisson process
Tammarat Kleebmek, Angkana Boonyued, and Wuttichai Srisodaphol