1. Post harvest ripening of oil palm fruit is accelerated by application of exogenous ethylene
Narumol Nualwijit and Ladawan Lerslerwong

2. Feeding behavior of giant gourami, osphronemus gouramy (lacepede) larvae
Thumronk Amornsakun, Surasak Kullai, and Anuar Hassan

3. Maturation diets for black tiger shrimp (penaeus monodon) broodstock
Noppawan Chimsung

4. Effect of inoculum size on production of compost and enzymes from palm oil mill biogas sludge mixed with shredded palm empty fruit bunches and decanter cake
Tanawut Nutongkaew, Wiriya Duangsuwan, Suteera Prasertsan, and Poonsuk Prasertsan

5. Effect of cooking on functional properties of germinated black glutinous rice (kku-ulr012)
Thapanan Konwatchara and Araya Ahromrit

6. Effect of encapsulation of selected probiotic cell on survival in simulated gastrointestinal tract condition
Hasiah Ayama, Punnanee Sumpavapol, and Suphitchaya Chanthachum

7. Total phenolic content, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of stink bean (parkia speciosa hassk.) pod extracts
Suchanuch Wonghirundecha, Soottawat Benjakul, and Punnanee Sumpavapol

8. Gaba content and antioxidant activity of thai waxy corn seeds germinated by hypoxia method
Pisamai Polthum and Araya Ahromrit

9. Effect of indirect ohmic heating on quality of ready-to-eat pineapple packed in plastic pouch
Hoang Pham, Weerachet Jittanit, and Tanaboon Sajjaanantakul

10. In vivo analgesic & anti-inflammatory activities of standardized rhinacanthus nasutus leaf extract in comparison with its major active constituent rhinacanthin-c
Nirajan Bhusal, Pharkphoom Panichayupakaranant, and Wantana Reanmongko

11. Joint analysis of shear wave velocity from sh-wave refraction and masw techniques for spt-n estimation
Sawasdee Yordkayhun, Chedtaporn Sujitapan, and Tanit Chalermyanon

12. Modifying production line for productivity improvement- a case study of vision lens factory
Roongrat Pisuchpen and Wongsakorn Chansangar

13. Cellular lipid production of a heterotrophic bacterium isolated from poultry processing wastewater
Rattiya Ongmali, Saranya Phunpruch, and Usarat Thawornchaisit

14. Estimating greenhouse gas fluxes from constructed wetlands used for water quality improvement
Sukanda Chuersuwan, Pongthep Suwanwaree, and Nares Chuersuwan

15. Comparison of h-mode plasma simulations using toroidal velocity models depending on plasma current density and ion temperature in presence of an itb
Boonyarit Chatthong and Thawatchai Onjun