1. Vegetative compatibility group of fusarium solani pathogenic to tobacco plant in peninsular malaysia
Mohd Norhafeez bin Jusoh, Nabihah binti Mohd Zin, and Hideyuki Nagao

2. Extracellular cold active lipase from the psychrotrophic halomonas sp. bri 8 isolated from the antarctic sea water
Vipra Vijay Jadhav, Swanandi Suresh Pote, Amit Yadav, Yogesh S Shouche, and Rama Kaustubh Bhadekar

3. Dicarbonyl compounds and sugar contents of thai commercial beverages
Monthana Weerawatanakorn

4. Effect of banana peel cellulose as a dietary fiber supplement on baking and sensory qualities of butter cake
Chiraporn Sodchit, Worasit Tochampa, Teeraporn Kongbangkerd, and Riantong Singanusong

5. Molecular approaches for bacterial azoreductases
Montira Leelakriangsak

6. Anti-hiv-1 integrase and anti-allergic activities of bauhinia strychnifolia
Kingkan Bunluepuech, Chatchai Wattanapiromsakul, Fameera Madaka, and Supinya Tewtrakul

7. Anti-hiv-1 integrase activity of compounds from cassia garrettiana heartwood
Kingkan Bunluepuech, Chatchai Wattanapiromsakul, and Supinya Tewtrakul

8. Study of heat transfer on front-- and back-vented brake discs
Supachai Lakkam, Kullayot Suwantaroj, Phupoom Puangcharoenchai, Songwut Mongkonlerdmanee, and Saiprasit Koetniyom

9. Simultaneous removal of co2 and h2s using mea solution in a packed column absorber for biogas upgrading
Preecha Kasikamphaiboon, Juntima Chungsiriporn, Charun Bunyakan, and Wisitsree Wiyaratn

10. Microstructure and mechanical properties of microwave-assisted heating of pozzolan-portland cement paste at a very early stage
Natt Makul and Dinesh Kumar Agrawal

11. Synthesizing of oil palm empty fruit bunch lignin derivatives and potential use for production of linerboard coating
Danupong Narapakdeesakul, Waranyou Sridach, and Thawien Wittaya

12. Effective fuzzy multi--objective model based on perfect grouping for manufacturing cell formation with setup cost constrained of machine duplication
Wuttinan Nunkaew and Busaba Phruksaphanrat

13. Evaluation of carbaryl sorption in alluvial soil
Naba Kumar Mondal, Soumya Chattoraj, Bikash Sadhukhan, and Biswajit Das

14. Coastal erosion and accretion in pak phanang, thailand by gis analysis of maps and satellite imagery
Sayedur Rahman Chowdhury and Nitin Kumar Tripathi

15. Estimators in simple random sampling- searls approach
Jirawan Jitthavech and Vichit Lorchirachoonkul