1. Sumatra tsunami
Suphat Vongvisessomjai and Pornsak Suppataratarn

2. Diversity of leaf litter ant communities in ton nga chang wildlife sanctuary and nearby rubber plantations, songkhla, southern thailand
Tobias O. Bickel and Suparoek Watanasit

3. Regulating irrigation during pre-harvest to avoid the incidence of translucent flesh disorder and gamboge disorder of mangosteen fruits
Sayan Sdoodee and Rawee Chiarawipa

4. Determination of plant species for the phytoremediation of carbofuran residue in rice field soils
Mullika Teerakun and Alissara Reungsang

5. Protoplast fusion between pleurotus ostreatus and p. djamor
Pannee Dhitaphichit and Chaninan Pornsuriya

6. Effect of dates of closing cut on seed yield and seed quality of stylosanthes guianensis ciat 184
Krailas Kiyothong, Chureerat Satjipanon and Ramphrai Namsilee

7. Development of pork dna detection in meat products by pcr technique
Charunee Maharat, Uamanat Intaraphad and Pojchanad Jantarasamee

8. Enhanced efficiency for propagation of anthurium by tissue culture technique
Ratree Nitayadatpat and Sompong Te-chato

9. Use of acacia leaf ( acacia mangium ) as a protein source in beef rations
Vuttichai Sipheuk, Sombat Srijan and Boontham Saengkaew

10. Adsorption behavior of some metal ions on hydrated amorphous titanium dioxide surface
Miki Kanna, Sumpun Wongnawa, Panit Sherdshoopongse and Phadoong Boonsin

11. Chronic toxicity study of hyptis suaveolens (l.) poit in rats
Aimmanas Attawish, Songpol Chivapat, Pranee Chavalittumrong, Songpol Phadungpat, Jaree Bansiddhi and Bunjong Chaorai

12. Effectiveness of extracts of gloriosa superba linn., acacia catechu willd and archidendron jiringa nielsen in controlling diamondback moth (plutella xylostella linn.)
Jarongsak Pumnuan, Veeranee Thongsri, Pongsak Krittayapornpong and Sumonrut Jintanasirinurux

13. Optimal feed rate profiles for fed-batch culture in penicillin production
Wanwisa Skolpap, Jeno M. Scharer, Peter L. Douglas and Murray Moo-Young

14. Membrane and plastic heat exchangers performance keywords
Mohammad Shakir Nasif, Graham L. Morrison and Masud Behnia

15. Effect of sodium chloride on cell surface hydrophobicity and formation of biofilm in membrane bioreactor
Ampin Kuntiya, Cristiano Nicolella, Leo Pyle and Naiyatat Poosaran

16. Methodology and measurement of radiation interception by quantum sensor of the oil palm plantation
Md Abdul Awal, Wan Ishak Wan Ismail, Mohd. Haniff Harun and Johari Endan

17. Aggregate size distributions in sweep flocculation
Chairoj Rattanakawin

18. Preparation and characterisation of acrylamide/maleic acid hydrogel
Pairote Klinpituksa and Chantana Intajun

19. The new types of positive temperature coefficient effect based on sno2+2coo and sno2+cr2o3 ceramics used as temperature sensor
Thongchai Panmatarith, Nibrosulhuda Hayeemayang and Nipusanee Baka-lee

20. Mechanical properties of rubberwood oriented strand lumber (osl): the effect of strand length
Somjot Chirasatitsin, Suteera Prasertsan, Worawut Wisutmethangoon and Buhnnum Kyokong

21. Shape and distribution of jones and faddy’s skew t random variable
Narongdech Saipornchai and Kamon Budsaba