1. Construction project disputes in thailand: the major stakeholders' comparative perspectives
Surangkana Trangkanont

2. Effect of co-digestion and hydraulic retention time on anaerobic digestion of decanter cake and block rubber wastewater for biogas production
Thaniya Kaosol and Weerapong Lerdrattanataywee

3. Effect of na2sio3 on compressive strength of waste glass reinforced metakaolin-based geopolymer
Siriwan Chokka and Kamol Traipanya

4. Factor analysis of bim adoption in the thai architectural and engineering design industry
Grit Ngowtanasawan

5. Investigation of leaching processes of herbicides in soil column simulation by hydrus-1d model
Piyanuch Jaikaew, Farag Malhat, Le Hoang Tu, Julien Boulange, Charoen Jiraratchwaro and Hirozumi Watanabe

6. One-storey house designs for tsunami-prone areas
Panu Promputthangkoon, Surat Promputthangkoon and Nantachai Choosilp

7. Performance-based design on mid-rise buckling-restrained knee braced truss moment frames
Nattapat Wongpakdee and Sutat Leelataviwat

8. Utilization of rechcled plastic and natural rubber in asphalt concrete to improve performance of flexible pavement: laboratiory investigation
Arun Lukjan, Akkachai Phoonnual, Chuthamat Laksanakit and Saravut Jaritngam

9. Aging behavior of nb-doped pb(zr0.52ti0.48) o3 ceramics
Siripong Somwan, Piyachon Ketsuwan and Athipong Ngamjarurojana

10. Effects of mangosteen hull extracts on bioefficacy and antiproliferation of human breast and prostate carcinoma cell lines
Jinnawat Manasathien